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Who we are

Easy Cruises Ltd. operates with the collaboration of Easy Consult Ltd. - one of the leaders in the field of human resources on the Bulgarian market. Our recruitment consultants are working in our four offices in Bulgaria – Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv, Sofia. Here we are presenting the ones that are specialized in recruitment for ocean and river cruise ships and hospitality /hotel/ personnel in Bulgaria and abroad. They are positive, reliable and ready to help you with information for companies, new job openings, employers` requirements, interview advices, travel and documentation assistance.

Our team

Our recruitment consultants are working in our four offices in Bulgaria – Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv, Sofia. Here we are presenting the ones that are specialized in recruitment for ocean and river cruise ships and hospitality /hotel/ personnel in Bulgaria and abroad. They are positive, reliable and ready to help you with information for companies, new job openings, employers` requirements, interview advices, travel and documentation assistance.

Last opened positions

Bremerhaven, HB, Germany
Apply for River Cruise Ships
Frankfurt, HE, Germany
Apply for TGI Fridays RESTAURANTS
Larnaca, Larnaca, Cyprus
Hospitality Staff
Sylt, SH, Germany
Lifeguard (m/f/d)
Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands
Dishwasher (m/f/d)
Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands
Receptionist (m/f/d)
Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands
Nanny / au-pair (m/f/d)
Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands
Avignon, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

How to apply

You may contact our Recruitment team directly at shipjobs@easyconsult.eu
And don`t forget that our services are free of charge for candidates.

Basic steps before departure:

  • We at Easy Cruises take good care of our candidates and will help you get prepared for boarding;
  • We will explain and assist you in preparing all of your documents;
  • We will make sure that you receive and sign your working contract prior to departure. If you have any concerns and questions regarding the contract we will always do our best explain it to you;
  • We will offer you assistance regarding the traveling arrangements and find the best suitable plane/bus/train ticket available;
  • At the end if you have any questions at all you can always contact us;
  • Do not forget we do NOT have any fees and our services are completely FREE of charge;

In order to apply You need to:

  • Be over 18 years old;
  • Be able to speak one or more of the following languages: English, German, Turkish, Spanish;
  • Have at least 1.5 years of experience on the positon you are applying for. You can check our open position here;
  • Have the desire to travel the world and work at the same time.

Basic Steps for applying:

  • Send us your up-to-date CV /preferably in English/ along with a recent photo of you – you should prepare a clear, brief, informative CV with a nice photo where you look like a true professional (e.g. no pictures from a drunken night out) and you smile on it;
  • One of our recruiters will review your CV and based on your experience will contact you;
  • You are going pass an internal interview with one of our consultants;
  • The next step is depending on the needs of our clients we will schedule an interview directly with a representative of one of the cruise companies. Please have in mind that we are recruiting all around the year. You can stay updated about the face to face interviews with companies on our website or Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/korabi/;
  • We will give you pointers about the interview and assist you in any way possible;

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply?

All year long by filling in the Application Form online or in our office.

When can I start working on a ship?

We receive offers all year-round but your appointment depends on your professional and linguistic experience

Do we need our seaman's passport and certificates STCW 78/95?

Yes, for all ocean cruise ships, but you don’t need them for the river ships

Is the accommodation and food for the crew on board free of charge?

YES, free of charge to the entire crew

Is it possible to work with my partner on the same ship?

Yes, it is possible, but depends on the open positions we have at the moment

Can I get off the ship when it’s on ports?

YES, during your free time, depending on your position and work schedule

Duration of the contract and vacations?

For ocean ships - The duration of the contract is usually 6 months (+/- 2 months ) , no vacation granted during the contract For river ships – The season for river ships is from March to December Contracts are usually from the beginning till the end of the season , each 1.5 months / 3 months you are allowed to have 2 weeks vacation (for some river companies it is paid vacation)

How many days do I work per week?

Seven days per week from the beginning of your contract

Do you have some fees I need to pay regarding the preparation of my documents or after starting work on board?

No. You do not have to pay any fees or commissions. Our services are completely free of charge at any state of the recruitment and hiring process – before, during and after signing your contract.

Who will be organizing my travel to the ship?

- River Ship: We are willing to help you choose the most convenient for you travel option. We will assist you on every step, starting from signing the contract to getting on board safely. - Ocean Ship: The employer organizes the travel to the ship. They also personally welcome you at the airport and once the contract is over they arrange your travel back.

Can I apply without having international experience?

Yes. We offer some positions that do not require an international experience. It is best if you directly talk to one of our consultants so they could offer you the best option for you personally.

Benefits of MLC expand_more

Labour Convention, 2006

The Maritime Labor Convention 2006 (MLC 2006), was adopted by the 94th International Labour Conference at a maritime session in Geneva in February 2006 and came into force on August 20 2013 following the ratification of 30 countries with a total share of more than 33% of the world’s tonnage.

The Convention provides comprehensive rights and protection at work for the world's 1.2 million seafarers and sets out the rights of seafarers to decent conditions of work on a wide range of subjects.

Advantages of signing on a ship that has been certified as compliant include:

The MLC provides protection for seafarers with ship owners ultimately responsible for meeting MLC requirements.
Recruitment and Placement – Ship-owners are required to use recruitment agencies that meet and are certified to MLC standards.
Seafarer Employment Agreement (SEA) – The seafarer will enjoy the benefit of a clear, individual, Seafarer Employment Agreement (SEA) and where applicable CBA’s.

Salary – All seafarers will be paid for their work regularly and in full in accordance with their employment agreements. Hours of Work - The MLC 2006 along with STCW2010 sets maximum hours of work and minimum hours of rest. Repatriation – А seafarer is entitled to berepatriated at no costs to them except in certain specified circumstances. Just Compensation - The seafarer is entitled to compensation in the event of injury, loss or unemployment, following the loss or foundering of the ship.

Food and drink – The MLC requires that catering facilities onboard should permit seafarers to receive adequate, varied and nutritious meals prepared and served in hygienic conditions.

Medical care – Under the MLC, seafarers are entitled to visit a qualified medical doctor withoutdelay in ports of call at no costs to themselves.

Ship owners’ liability for sickness, injury or death – Seafarer enjoys the benefit of protection provided by the ship-owner from the consequences of sickness, injury and death occurring in connection withtheir employment.

Seafarers’ Complaints – Аll seafarers have a right to complain directly to the master and, wherethey consider it necessary, to appropriate external authorities. A copy of Onboard Complaints Procedure for onboard complaints, will be given to you upon signing on the vessel. The Seafarers have a right to complain and reports to themanning agencyas well. Complaints will be dealt within 14 days and the seafarerwillreceive a written responsein regard to the complaints.

Easy Cruises requires NO recruitment fees or other similar charges for job placements or for providing employment to our seafarers. If any of our manning offices or agents demand payment from you in exchange for employment please contact either your crew manager or Easy Cruises Manager.

MLC certificate 09-2019

Policy of Quality expand_more

The management of Easy Cruises Ltd. defines its policy of quality, safety and environmental protection in offering intermediary services for hiring marine specialists as a goal to:

  • Compliance with the requirements of the conventions of the International Labor Organization and the International Maritime Organization concerning the intermediary activity of hiring seafarers, as reflected in the legislation of the Flag Administration, for ships under whose flag seafarers are employed;
  • Compliance with the Bulgarian legislation concerning intermediary activity for employment of seafarers;
  • Meeting the specific requirements of shipowners, customers of Easy Cruises EOOD and meeting their expectations;
  • Providing high quality recruitment and placement services, including providing information to interested seafarers;
  • Quality management in order to continuously improve it.

The strategy of Easy Cruises Ltd. is based on well-trained and highly qualified human resources, including external process contractors to increase the efficiency of its activities, thus satisfying the requirements of the Administration, customers, their needs and expectations and increase trust. in the company's ability to deliver services of the desired quality.

The general goals for quality, safety and environmental protection of Easy Cruises Ltd. are:

  • Provision of services in accordance with the contractual conditions, regulatory requirements and most fully meet customer expectations;
  • Introduction and maintenance of a management system in accordance with the requirements of the standards ISO 9001 and Standard for QMS of Seafarer Manning Offices, as well as maintenance of certification by an accredited organization;
  • Ensuring the selection of seafarers with appropriate qualifications, certification, professional experience and medical fitness to achieve the objectives of the Shipowner's Safety Management System (SMS) according to the ISM Code;
  • Ensuring the initial acquaintance of seafarers with the requirements of the SMS, specific obligations and instructions for work on board, according to the requirements of the shipowner;
  • Continuous improvement of the company's activity by applying effective corrective and preventive actions in terms of quality.

The manager of Easy Cruises Ltd. assumes full responsibility for the introduction, implementation and maintenance of SU in the organization.

Romanian Candidates expand_more

Romanian Candidates

Cruises ltd este o companie specializată în recrutarea personalului pentru nave de croazieră fluviale și oceanice certificată MLC 2006 și ISO 9001. Este deținută și manageriată exclusiv de catre Easy Consult Ltd. – unul dintre liderii pieței de HR din Bulgaria. Ne mândrim cu abilitatea de a oferi candidaților de succes oportunități de angajare unice și extrem de interesante. Serviciile personalizate și un proces de preselecție foarte riguros ne-au permis să înregistrăm rezultate foarte bune în potrivirea candidaților noștri cu cerințele clientului.

Pentru a aplica trebuie să îndepliniți urmatoarele criterii:

Vârsta minimă 18 ani

Abilitatea de a vorbi fluent în cel puțin una dintre următoarele limbi straine: Engleză, Germană, Turcă, Spaniolă Experiență anterioară pe o poziție similară cu cea pentru care aplicați de cel puțin un an și jumătate Dorința de a călători și munci în jurul lumii Să ne trimiteți CV-ul dumneavoastră actualizat – de preferat in Engleză – împreună cu o poza recentă. CV-ul trebuie să fie bine structurat, cu informații precise, relevante și să conțină o poza profesională, de preferat una în care zâmbiți (evitati pozele din cluburi) Cel puțin o recomandare din partea angajatorului anterior Serviciile noastre sunt complet GRATUITE, fără nici un fel de taxe ascunse Pentru companiile care efectuează croaziere oceanice:

  • Certificări STCW valide;
  • Pașaport valid
  • Carnet de marinar valid
  • Bucătarii trebuie să dețină certificat de bucătar de vas (Ship’s Cook)

Dacă sunteți interesați vă rugăm să ne trimiteți CV-ul dumneavoastră pe adresa de email: shipjobs@easyconsultbg.com

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